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Diving in Tulear, in the middle of the marine life

Located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia, Madagascar evokes feelings of discovery and adventure by its rich and endemic biodiversity. There are many spots, perfect for your next trip ! The main one are Anakao, Salary and Ifaty which offer sites of high quality diving. This is a golden opportunity to swim among turtles, stingrays and whales.

Scuba diving

An exceptional marine biodiversity

The marine biodiversity is exceptional. Indeed, there is an extraordinary profusion of fish varieties.
Many diving centers in Madagascar will welcome you for your outings to meet the marine animals which live in these waters: coral fish, sea turtles and even large cetaceans. You won’t regret your “diving trip” in Madagascar ! For beginners, you can also practice “snorkelling” in the shallow waters of Nosy Be and Tulear. Come and admire the underwater fauna that hides in the small rocks or the colorful corals of the seaside.


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The best diving spots in Tulear

Anakao, a protected and authentic village

Anakao's village is located South of Tulear and is in a protected area, with a singular charm. The village is in the extreme south of the island which will give you a end-of-the-world feeling thanks to its' deserted beaches.

Salary, the village with a sumptuous lagoon

Salary is a quiet fishing village bordered by a lagoon that give the bay a postcard look. Over more than 100 km, the Ambatomilo lagoon includes the Salary bay, one of the island's most beautiful beaches. Endless white stand and turquoise blue sea...

Ifaty, a region full of pleasures

Ifaty is a seaside village located 60 km south of Tulear. It welcomes a lot of tourists during the touristic season. Its hotels, diving spots, restaurants and local bars will make you a lasting impression.