Ifaty, a region full of pleasures

Ifaty is a seaside village located 60 km south of Tulear. It welcomes a lot of tourists during the touristic season. Its hotels, diving spots, restaurants and local bars will make you a lasting impression.

A fascinating region

Ifaty, a fishermen region

Ifaty’s region is composed of many Vezo villages. Fishing is one of the main activity, thus you will discover different fishing villages scattered around the lagoon.

In particular the Ambotsibotsike village is a preferred location due to its impressing mangrove. You will be able to reach this village by horse, bike or quad but for an authentic stroll, prefer a little pirogue trip alongside the local people.

Ifaty, a region with a world's end feeling

Andavadoaka and Salary are located north of Ifaty and find themselves in beautiful bays where fishermen took up residence. Those sites give a world’s end feeling which makes them quite unique. They are reachable in canoe which is the best way to admire the landscapes and surroundings overhanging the bays. Diving and camping will be your preferred activities and will delight young and old.

Mangily’s village

You absolutely have to stop to mangily’s village if you visit this region. The local people will warmly welcome you and guide you through the different excursions you can do.

Among many, you could undertake a hike towards the Mikea’s forest or organize a quad bike outing in the domergue reserve in the middle of baobabs and thorny cactus.

Ifaty's key points

Fishing, diving, relaxation

Ifaty is a region where fishing is the main activity, thus you will be able to discover different fishing villages. Don’t miss the canoe ride through Ambotsibotsike. You also have to make a stop in mangily’s village to meet its welcoming people and undertake its fascinating excursions. Finally, head north of Ifaty to discover Andavadoaka and Salary for diving and let yourself enjoy idleness.