Andavadoaka, plage, mer

Andavadoaka, where peace and relaxation prevail

The region is surrounded by a 300 km long coral reef that guarantees you one of the region’s most beautiful beach. The reef gives Andavadoaka’s water all the needed advantages : transparent turquoise blue waters, a marine biodiversity and white sand beaches.

A fishing village

Andavadoaka, the traditional village

The “drilled rock” as it is nicknamed, the village of Andavadoaka is located in a magnificent bay that extends over several kilometers. 1200 people live there and they are known for their fishing techniques that remained traditional : in dhows or dugouts, they fish with harpoons, spears and nets. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy this experience full of authenticity.

Sites on the far side of the world

Not far from the village, you will discover beautiful creeks and coral islands. Idleness and diving will be you preferred activities to enjoy in these idyllic places. Reach those places by taking a quiet walk with you feet in the beaches’ white sand.

Did you know?

Access to electricity

Andavadoaka is one of the only southwest village that has general access to electricity. The local provider Eosol has a high-end electrical network in Andavadoaka, that is powered by solar panels that generate approximately 65 kWp. The availability time is longer than Tulear’s for instance.


Winner of the UNPD’s equator price

This little fishing village has been awarded among 300 projects from 70 countries for the initiative of two of its villagers. Their project aims at protecting and improving the sustainable management of the local marine biodiversity. The project’s main objective is to teach the local people the benefits of the rational exploitation of natural resources. Due to this award, the village now acts as a role model for 23 other villages who joined together to carry a larger scale project out, the “Velondriake”.

Where is Andavadoaka ?