best software for video editing on PC (2024)

The video editor is intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts.

You may download Free Video Editor and use it completely free without restrictions (no trial period, watermarks, or ads). You can, however, support the project by signing up for technical support. We provide fast and full support to solve all your problems when using our products. Learn more.

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Non-linear video editor

Our editor is a non-linear tool. This means that unlike in most other editors, where scenes come one after another in a linear sequence and certain order, our software allows objects to be placed in any position on the timeline and have any size. Besides, various parameters, shape and position of objects can change arbitrarily over time.

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Multicam feature in VSDC Free Video Editor lets you synchronize and switch between two videos captured from different angles. Ideal for live events or interviews, you can easily select the best moments from each camera to create a dynamic and engaging final video. With intuitive controls, you can achieve your desired results without expensive equipment or advanced skills.

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Visual and audio effects

You can apply various visual and audio effects to your videos to achieve the necessary result. Since the number of available visual effect is very high, they are split into five categories for ease of navigation: color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fx.

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Blending modes & Insta filters

One more way of changing the look of your video image according to your preferences is color blending. Using a wide array of adjustable parameters, you can attach a unique professional style to your video. Newbies or those, who would like to save time, can benefit from stylish Instagram-like filters applied in one click.

VSDC offers a comprehensive range of text effects that are completely free and allow you to create captivating animations. With features like typewriter and scrolling text, you can bring your text to life and add dynamic elements to your videos. VSDC also provides a useful subtitles editor, enabling you to easily add, customize, and time subtitles for your videos.

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The Free Video Editor allows you to create masks of various shapes to hide, blur, or highlight specific elements in your video. With this feature, you can apply special effects inside or outside the masked area. Masking is ideal for blurring faces to protect identities or removing unwanted marks, offering privacy and creativity for a polished final product.

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Motion tracking

The Motion tracking tool allows for registering and tracking movements of any objects in a video and then assigns the resulted trajectory to other elements – titles, captions, icons, images, masks, and more. With its help, placing a censorship mask on a moving object or making captions follow a selected element in a video becomes easy.

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Easy export to YouTube, Twitter etc.

The Editor simplifies the process of preparing videos for popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo. With its special export profiles, you can effortlessly select the appropriate format and ensure your video meets all the platform's requirements. This feature eliminates format selection stress, ensuring a seamless export process.

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Subpixel accuracy

Achieve smooth animations and precise positioning with subpixel accuracy. This detail ensures your scenes flow seamlessly, with crystal-clear clarity and professional-grade polish. Be sure that every element of your video is perfectly aligned, resulting in a visually stunning presentation that captivates your audience from the first frame to the last.

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Support of popular formats

Our software supports virtually all video, image and audio formats and codecs. That is why you won’t need any additional conversion tools to edit your files, as is often the case with other programs.

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4K and HD Export with Efficiency

VSDC is currently the only free video editor that allows you to export in a new H265/HEVC codec to maintain the highest quality at a minimum file size which is essential for those often processing 4K and HD files.

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Creation of videos for specific multimedia devices

Thanks to a large set of preconfigured profiles provided at the export stage, you can easily create videos for most popular multimedia devices, including smartphones, regular phones, and various players.

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Working with charts

You can create various types of customizable diagrams, including 3D diagrams like Bar, Pie, Radar, and more, with VSDC, using dynamically changing data and integrated color themes to suit your specific needs.

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Templates Library

Discover a range of templates in VSDC for quick and efficient editing. From thematic templates and holiday themes to progress bars, gradient backgrounds, timers, and more, there's a solution for every project. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to personalize it to suit your unique vision while saving time and effort in the editing process.

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Advanced Color Processing

Experience advanced color processing with support for VirtualDub and customizable LUT filters. The Scopes window provides detailed monitoring of color changes, ensuring precision in every project.

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Video stabilization tool

Footage taken from drones, action cameras or other devices on the go often needs improvement. VSDC Stabilization tool, as your virtual tripod, helps remove jitter or any other shaking effects, caused by camera movement and turn it into a much smoother video image.

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YouTube uploader

VSDC Free Video Editor not only provides ready-made profiles for exporting to social networks, but also offers you to upload your video directly to YouTube right from the app without switching windows or tabs.

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Built-in DVD burning tool

The editor comes with a DVD burning tool, allowing you to easily burn the results of your work to optical discs.

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Video File Converter

The application is designed to quickly convert video files from one format to another. It has some basic features for editing videos: removing unneeded segments, splitting your video into parts, and merging several files into one.

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Desktop video capture

Capture every moment directly from your desktop with VSDC's video capture utility, now with expanded capabilities. Ideal for creating tutorials, presentations, or recording video gaming streaming content, this feature not only saves your footage for further editing within the VSDC ecosystem but also enables you to record series from popular platforms like HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and others. Seamlessly integrate your favorite shows and music into your creative projects!

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Diverse Video Capturing Capabilities

Another feature of the our editor is the ability to capture video from various video tuners, webcams, IP сameras and save the captured footage on your computer in an arbitrary format for subsequent editing.

best software for video editing on PC (2024)
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