Immanquable de Madagascar parapente

The best of Tulear

Tulear and the region of the great South hold treasures for you to not miss! Between land and sea, discover the best of the region through the pleasures of nature and sea in an idyllic frame.

The New Protected area of Tsinjoriake, a nature sanctuary

The site is classified as "natural monument and protected harmonious landscapes" and understandably justify its name. The place is breathtaking and will take you on a journey between earth and sky. You might climb mounts and enjoy a 360° vantage...

The Antsokay Arboretum, an impressive natural reserve

The Antsokay Arboretum is located 12 km southeast of Tulear's city and will surprise you by its rich endemic fauna and flora! This nature reserve was the result of an initiative, whose goal was to protect the endemic plants of the southern region...

The Amoron'i Onilahy, among the most beautiful Malagasy sites

The Amoron'i Onilahy was recently classified as a protected area and is considered as a natural wonder among Madagascar's most beautiful ones. The area has a surface of several thousands of hectares, the protection of which is constantly...

Ifaty, a region full of pleasures

Ifaty is a seaside village located 60 km south of Tulear. It welcomes a lot of tourists during the touristic season. Its hotels, diving spots, restaurants and local bars will make you a lasting impression.

Anakao, a protected and authentic village

Anakao's village is located South of Tulear and is in a protected area, with a singular charm. The village is in the extreme south of the island which will give you a end-of-the-world feeling thanks to its' deserted beaches.