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Tulear’s most beautiful beaches

It is real paradisiac beaches that await you in Tulear, far from the tumult of city life! The region will give you an end-of-the-world feeling where you will enjoy deserted beaches that provide white sand and turquoise blue waters. Farniente is the key word!

Ifaty, a region full of pleasures

Ifaty is a seaside village located 60 km south of Tulear. It welcomes a lot of tourists during the touristic season. Its hotels, diving spots, restaurants and local bars will make you a lasting impression.

Salary, the village with a sumptuous lagoon

Salary is a quiet fishing village bordered by a lagoon that give the bay a postcard look. Over more than 100 km, the Ambatomilo lagoon includes the Salary bay, one of the island's most beautiful beaches. Endless white stand and turquoise blue sea...

Andavadoaka, where peace and relaxation prevail

The region is surrounded by a 300 km long coral reef that guarantees you one of the region's most beautiful beach. The reef gives Andavadoaka's water all the needed advantages : transparent turquoise blue waters, a marine biodiversity and white...

Ambatomilo, for the holidaymaker's health

Ambatomilo, located in the Southwest of Madagascar, is little known and thus preserved from mass tourism, which truly gives this idyllic place its charm. It is a true paradise right on the the edge of a lagoon with emerald green and turquoise...

Anakao, a protected and authentic village

Anakao's village is located South of Tulear and is in a protected area, with a singular charm. The village is in the extreme south of the island which will give you a end-of-the-world feeling thanks to its' deserted beaches.