tuléar, centre-ville

Tulear, the southern region’s capital

Tulear is Madagascar’s southern region capital which is also called Toliara from its’ Malagasy name. The city is sunny all year long and will offer you an outstanding cultural asset. You are off to discover a warm and welcoming people which will leave you unforgettable memories. Enjoy the region’s dream beaches where idleness will be your everyday life.

The city of the Sun


Tulear is located at the end of the 7th national road and alongside the Mozambique Channel. The city is a true rainbow of bright colors with its mosaic of ethnic groups living there. Life in Tulear is cadenced by the tsapiky music which fills the streets and gives the city a lively atmosphere. The city also has its own batch of museums for you to learn about the local culture. The marine museum which is on the way towards the commercial port holds a collection of shells and fossils. The Mahafaly arts and traditions museum is one museum not to miss because it traces the Great South’s arts’ and customs’ evolution. Alongside the city’s cultural aspects, Tulear also shines for its many bars and restaurants where you will enjoy dishes full of flavors, influenced by many parts of the World : India, China and Europe for instance.

Tuléar, plages, zébu

Tuléar, plages, zébu

Honko, the mangroves' reserve

Located between Tulear and Ifaty, Honko is an important ecological reserve of mangroves. It holds 7 species of mangroves and 35 species of rare birds. A guided tour will allow you to get acquainted with the mangrove and enjoy a remarkable point of view over the channel (canal). The place is also a paradise for sportsmen and will satisfy your sports and green space cravings: kayaks, hikes or trekking will be your preferred activities. Furthermore, visiting the reserve will contribute to the preservation and protection of the southwest mangroves’ forest ecosystems.

Ifaty, a region full of pleasures

Ifaty is a seaside village located 60 km south of Tulear. It welcomes a lot of tourists during the touristic season. Its hotels, diving spots, restaurants and local bars will make you a lasting impression.

The Antsokay Arboretum, an impressive natural reserve

The Antsokay Arboretum is located 12 km southeast of Tulear's city and will surprise you by its rich endemic fauna and flora! This nature reserve was the result of an initiative, whose goal was to protect the endemic plants of the southern region...

Anakao, a protected and authentic village

Anakao's village is located South of Tulear and is in a protected area, with a singular charm. The village is in the extreme south of the island which will give you a end-of-the-world feeling thanks to its' deserted beaches.

Tulear regional tourist office
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