The New Protected area of Tsinjoriake, a nature sanctuary

The site is classified as “natural monument and protected harmonious landscapes” and understandably justify its name. The place is breathtaking and will take you on a journey between earth and sky. You might climb mounts and enjoy a 360° vantage point as well as roam underground to uncover hidden corridors. An adventures awaits you!

A model of ecoresponsible tourism

The Tsinjoriake NPA

The area is sponsored by different organisms and its managers work the best they can to keep this sanctuary intact. Accommodations are planned to give you the opportunity to have the best experience possible, in harmony with nature. The park’s guides are also trained on the best practices and will teach you the good habits to have in order to travel while respecting the surrounding nature. Visiting the area will ensure an ecoresponsible trip that will also contribute to the area’s sustainable management!

NAP Tsinjoriake, plage

Did you know?

The pink flamingos

Hundreds of pink flamingos live in the area all year long. They are found near the mangrove swamp that boards the mouth of the Onilahy river, and it is quite an unique picture to see in Madagascar

The Table mountain circuit

This circuits invites you to a sportive hike. You will have the opportunity to climb the “Table mountain” which has an exceptional vantage point on the area’s and its surroundings 5900 hectares. You can thus admire the region’s typical dry forest as well as the steep cliff that board the southwest coast.

The caves circuit, between earth and sky

This circuit will give you the opportunity to discover the area’s underground network. The circuit is divided in 3 courses during which you will learn more about the Soradrano and Binabe’s caves as well as the animistic rites typical of the region. The various routes will make you cress forests, beaches and underground caves, surely an interesting experience!

The Tsinjoriake – Sarodrano peninsula circuit

This circuit is probably the most interesting, during which you will discover the luxuriant vegetation where an endemic fauna took shelter. Ornithology enthusiasts will be delighted due to certain bird species being endemic of this region. Then, your trip will lead you to Sarodrano where the peninsula, with a shape of an arrowhead, offers an endless white sand beach. It is a relaxing moment guaranteed alongside the local fishermen.

The Saint Augustin – Barn Hill circuit

The circuit is made of 2 routes. The first one will lead you to Saint Augustin’s village and its surrounding typical mangrove while the second one will lead you to Saint Augustin bay’s high grounds. This trip invites you to learn more about the local people’s everyday life as well as the fauna and flora. Ultimately, the best moment will be standing on the bay’s high grounds admiring breathtaking landscapes, in particular if you have the chance to witness a setting sun.

Où se trouve la Nouvelle Aire Protégée de Tsinjoriake ?