Nosy Ve, plage, paysage

The Nosy Ve – Androka National Park

The site is classified as a marine National Park due to its marine biodiversity. Discover the park, its 90 000 hectares and its reef system who is the world’s 3rd largest one.

A rich marine fauna

The Nosy Ve – Androka National Park, a marine paradise

The area and its coral reef in particular contain an incredible biodiversity. The Park displays more than 140 coral species, 240 fish species and countless sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins and whales that will delight sea lovers. Go on a discovery cruise or go boat diving and have a stay full of emotions!

Parc National Nosy Ve-Androka, baleines

The red tail phaetons

This is a bird colony endemic of the region. Their are nicknamed “paille-en-queue” because of their tail made of two thin and red strands. Nosy Ve would be the species’ only breeding site.

How to get there?

Many ways are possible to reach the park. From Tulear, you can hop in a “taxi-brousse” to travel along with local people, or cross by boat. The best way though will be to rent a car and hit the national road 7, the “rainbow road” from the capital.