The Amoron’i Onilahy, among the most beautiful Malagasy sites

The Amoron’i Onilahy was recently classified as a protected area and is considered as a natural wonder among Madagascar’s most beautiful ones. The area has a surface of several thousands of hectares, the protection of which is constantly extending.

A model of preservation

The Amoron’i Onilahy reserve

The area extends over a surface of 100482 hectares and Tulear’s Tourism office intends to improve the reserve. The office is indeed in partnership with the WWF and they jointly launched a development plan that aims at improving the site’s sustainable management, its accommodations as well as raise the local people’s awareness. The area has the vocation to become a role model in terms of ecotourism and biodiversity preservation.

Did you know?

A protected area

The Amoron’i Onilahy protected area has recently become a fully protected area, right after the Tsinjoriake one. It is classified as a 5 category according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s rankings.

A newly protected area

The Amoron’i Onilahy fauna

The area is well-known for its rich biodiversity. Indeed, it shelters a large amount of fauna species : 79 bird species, 27 mammal species mostly endemic, 55 reptile species among which 19 are endemic to the southwest of Madagascar.

An area with multiple landscapes

The vast are of the Amoron’i Onilahy will allow you to discover many ecosystems. You will thus travel through wetlands, between lakes and swamps or even in forests with a flourishing vegetation.

Amron'i Onilahy, lémurien

Where is the Amoron'i Onilahy ?