Baie de Saint Augustin, plage, paysage

Saint Augustin’s bay

Saint Augustin’s bay is an amazing site crossed by the Onilahy, Madagascar’s greatest river. In the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, the bay sheltered Portuguese and Dutch sailors as well as pirates from all around the world.

An historic site

Saint Augustin’s bay

Saint Augustin’s bay is located 37 km south of Tulear and benefits from a geostrategic location at the mouth of the Onilahy river. Due to its practical aspects, the region was historically a preferred location for spice traders and slavers. Sailors from all over Europe made the bay their landing zone.
Nowadays, Saint Augustin is a quiet Vezo fishing village and is disturbed only by divers and submarine hunting enthusiasts.

Did you know?

The bay, an historic site

In the XVIIth century, the bay acted as a stop for European merchant ships during their crusades on the route to India. The writer Daniel Defoe even quoted the site in his work “The king of pirates” in which the hero, the pirate Avery stopped by the bay.

Where is Saint Augustin's bay ?