Parc de reniala, bobab, photographie

Reniala park, an amazing tour

Reniala park, which is also called the Domergue reserve, is an outstanding forest extending on 60 hectares, and is mainly composed of baobabs and thorny trees. Today, the reserve is a protected ecotouristic area where you will discover species proper to the Malagasy bush.

Reniala park

The Domergue reserve, a breathtaking tour

The tour of the Domergue reserve can be done in wagons pulled by zebus and will mainly be dedicated to learning of trees and medicinal plants. The tour will be entirely customizable according to what you would like to discover among the park’s fauna and flora.
It is good to know that the forest plays an important role for the Vezo fishermen because the main base material they need to build their canoe (balsa, delonix and baobab).
The key moment of the visit will be your encounter with the forest’s ancestor, a baobab aged over 1500 years, which will take you thousands of years back in history.

Parc de reniala, baobab, trekking

An exceptional fauna and flora

This forest possesses an amazing wildlife and floral characteristics. It contains more than 1000 botanical species which have a remarkable floral quality as the adapted to a dry climate. It has in particular a rich endemic fauna with for example its numerous bird species such as the Uratelornis and the Monias (for the connoisseurs). Passionate ornithologists will surely enjoy visiting this park! Alongside birds, you will also find tortoises, reptiles, snakes and microcebs, that will delight all fauna enthusiasts.

The Reniala association

The Reniala association’s goal is to protect the park’s endemic fauna and flora and also to reintroduce makis catta, a specific lemur species, in a dedicated place. They intend to raise the tourists’ and the local people’s awareness to protect this beautiful nature heritage. The association also organizes thematic circuits on the topic of birds, insects or batrachians. You nature lovers out there must visit this place if you plan on visiting Madagascar.

Where is the Reniala park ?