Nosy Ve, plage, paysage

Nosy Ve, an original island

Nosy Ve is an island located on a barrier reef nearby the coastal village of Anakao. Nosy Ve’s reef is approximately 4.5 km long and 1.8 km wide. Its name can be mistaken with Nosy Be, which is its elder in the North of Madagascar.

Nosy Ve’s history

Nowadays, Nosy Ve is uninhabited, which was not always the case. The area was indeed a French camp in the XIXth century where people could trade with the Saint Augustin’s bay while avoiding contact with pirates and hostile tribes. It is a journey through history that awaits you to discover remains of the XIXth century.

Nosy Ve, plage, paysage

Nosy Ve, flore, plage

Nosy Ve's abundant fauna

Nosy Ve is also known for its magnificent coral reef which shelters a colorful and abundant fauna. You will be able to spot ballistas, syngnathus, sea eels, clown fishes, scorpion fishes, tortoises or even stingrays. Such amount of fish species really is an experience well worth the trip.

Nosy Ve, the island with many charms

The red tail phaetons

The red tail phaeton is an endemic species of the island and truly make the place authentic and peculiar. This species creates a real enthusiasm among tourist who come for all corners of the world to take a picture of this endemic species, whose only known breeding ground is Nosy Ve. Even if you are not a birdwatching enthusiast, seeing this species is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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