The Mikea’s forest, through myths and discoveries

The Mikea’s forest is an heritage in terms of biodiversity and environment. She is essential to the region’s tourism development. Rumors tell some mystic stories that give this place a mysterious feeling.

The Mikea, a mysterious people

The Mikea, a mysterious people

First of all, it is important to know that the Mikea forest does not have any water sources. The Mikea are a nomadic people, which way of living completely differ from any modern norms. They are capable of not drinking during weeks because of this long drought that has become a part of the forest’s everyday life.


The forest's endemic species

The Mikea’s forest has a vegetation that represents both its natural and cultural wealth. You could spot in the forest various botanical species among which some wood species are used to build coffins such as : the nato, lovanjafy and vakirabo. Alongside those species, you can also spot the tremendous baobabs such as the famous species, the “Adansonia”. You will thus be able to undertake a tour to discover the forest and maybe have the chance to admire a sunset in the heart of the forest.

The Mikea forest’s fauna and biodiversity

Although the forest’s climate is dry, you will find there an exceptional fauna. There are approximately 40 bird species among which 2 are endemic to this area. Furthermore, there also are around 50 reptile species, which makes the forest the nature reserve with the world’s largest variety of reptiles. You will be able to spot all those species by going on an excursion in the heart of the forest. This biodiversity will seduce you and will surely offer an unforgettable experience.


Where is the Mikea forest ?