Anakao, plage

Anakao, a protected and authentic village

Anakao’s village is located South of Tulear and is in a protected area, with a singular charm. The village is in the extreme south of the island which will give you a end-of-the-world feeling thanks to its’ deserted beaches.

A surprising people

Anakao, an authentic village

This a typical village of South West Madagascar, populated by two ethnic groups, the sedentary Vezo and the Tanalana. Those two groups are complementary as the Vezo are fishermen and the Tanalana are breeders and farmers. They both respect customs that survived through time and are now very present in their everyday life (“fady” = prohibition, funeral rites…). Anakao remains under a strong influence of their beliefs although tourism has progressively developed since 20 years.
Apart from its interesting history, you will find in Anakao white sand beaches with two sides: dunes and their endemic flora on one side and on the other side, a lagoon with incredibly transparent waters.

village anakao, plage

What activities can you do in Anakao?

Anakao is a village focused around the pleasures of the sea. The perfect activity will be fishing, as the local people are subject-matter experts. Nevertheless, Anakao has many activities to offer : snorkeling, surf or simply idleness beneath shady trees.

A must see fishing village


Anakao’s main activities are fishing, breeding and tourism. The Vezo are well-known for their fishing skills that they carry out on board of their traditional outrigger canoe. In addition to sea farming, the local people also live off breeding, thus you will encounter herds of zebus, goats and sheeps when roaming around the village. As far as tourism is concerned, the village is truly welcoming and the art of hospitality is as important as the village’s beauty.

What to eat in Anakao?

Anakao’s main activity is fishing, and tasting delights of the sea is truly a must : spiny lobster, cicada, squid or fish kebab that will make your taste buds travel. There are also various traditional dishes for you to taste, such as wonderful beef tenderloin, ravitoto (pork meat cooked in crushed manioc leaves), or the typical Malagasy traditional dish : the “romazava” (literally the “clear broth”). All those typical meals will surely tickle your gourmet’s taste buds.

Where to sleep in Anakao?

The main accommodation you will find in Anakao are bungalows. They board the coast and invade beaches which will ensure a stay with your feet in the sand.

Although there are mainly bungalows in the area, many types of accommodations will also offer to answer your every expectations : hotels, guest houses and holiday cottages.

Where is Anakao ?